Why Is ISO 9000 Family Of Standards So Popular?


ISO 9000 is the most popular ISO standard in the world. This article will give you detailed information on it.

What Is ISO 9000?

ISO developed a set of standards in order to make sure the organizations are able enough to meet the customer and stakeholder needs withinside the statutory and regulatory requirements set aside for certain products or services they offer. The standard is ISO 9000, also referred to as a quality management system commonly. It has family of standards that has 7 principles for the purpose of quality management. ISO 9001, a part of ISO 9000 family of standards, is concerned with the requirements organizations must meet to be eligible to get certified to the ISO 9000 family of standards.

There are third-party certification bodies for confirming independently that the organizations have met the requirements set up for ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is one of those management tools that have been used heavily in the present world. More than 1 million organizations globally have been certified to ISO 9000 family of standards. But the procedure for ISO Certification has been criticized time and often and organizations have talked about how it is not useful for all kinds of organizations.

Why Is ISO 9000 So Crucial?

Since ISO family of standards gives maximum emphasis on the quality and its importance, there comes the need for ISO 9000. We have seen several companies providing their products and services but not every company gets good customer response. Only the ones which offer the best quality in their products and services succeed. Once you are certified to ISO 9000, you can know the root cause of your problems, and work accordingly to find solutions.

Your business will get a good profit and it will help uplift your financial status. Since ISO standards are brought into implementation by most of the companies, the integration of supply chain occurs. Every single company participating in the process of development and marketing of products is well aware of being a part of an international and reliable system.

Every single businessman knows the importance of ISO. And customers prefer quality over anything else. Since customers are the topmost priority for any business and ISO has its major focus on quality and customer, there are several benefits that one of the ISO Certification in India, i.e. ISO offers for a business.

What Are The Various Elements Of ISO 9000?

ISO family of standards detail several requirements for quality. The management system of any organization, in the following areas, mentioned:

  • Responsibility of management
  • Quality System
  • Entry of order
  • Control of designing
  • Control of document and data
  • Purchasing
  • Controlling customer-supplied products
  • Identification of Product and Tractability
  • Control of the process/procedure
  • Inspection and Testing Control of Inspection, Measurement, and Equipment for test
  • Inspection and Test status
  • Controlling nonconforming products
  • Corrective as well as a preventive action
  • Handling, Storage, Packaging, and Delivery
  • Quality Records control
  • Internal quality audits
  • Training
  • Servicing
  • Statistical techniques


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