What Sugar is Really Doing to Your Body-Why Sugar is Poison?

Sugar is Poison

“Quitting sugar, eating healthy and training is hard. Eating sugar, being overweight, and being sick are hard. Choose your hardest.”

“Sugar is not a treat. Sugar is a poison.”

Take a few moments to think about the most vital organs in your body, those organs that you cannot live without. You probably thought about your heart. I bet your “brain” popped into your mind. But did any of you think, pancreas? Inside your pancreas is a small cluster of cells called beta cells. What sugar is doing to your body? what sugar is poison? Anytime you eat sugar or highly refined carbohydrates, that sugar circulates in your blood from your head to your toe, throughout your body. As soon as the beta cells see the rush of sugar, they send the alarm bells off. They call in a team of dump trucks to haul all of that sugar out. The dump trucks are called insulin. Beta cells are the security guards for your blood.

What insulin does? It picks up all that sugar out of the blood and feeds it to various organs like the liver, muscles, or stores it as fat because you don’t want all that excess sugar to get in your blood. This seems pretty innocent, right?

But here’s the problem: 

Millions and millions today are overworking their security force i.e beta cells. Overworking your beta cells doesn’t happen [only] with obvious foods, like ice cream and cake, however, it happens with highly-refined carbohydrate foods, like yogurt, cereal, bread, pasta, alcohol even when used in moderation. Anytime you eat these foods, the sugar level in your blood rushes in, and your beta cells send the alarm bells off to make more insulin. And this is often scary as a result of something similar that gets overused, from cars to computers the elements eventually wear out, resulting in beta-cell burnout. This is another name for prediabetes or types 2 diabetes which you really don’t want to suffer from. That’s why sugar is poison. 

So when you consume sugar, you might instantly feel a rush of energy and kind of feel-good, think “Wow, sugar makes me feel great! But in reality, if you pay attention, you’ll likely feel zapped after two to three hours. You might have a need to take more sugar. If we keep doing this, the beta cells get weak, the blood sugar level slowly starts to rise, and over time, high blood sugar causes heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, gangrene, blindness, Alzheimer’s, lower-limb amputation, depression, violent behavior and more.

The number of deaths caused by sugar all of these afflictions combined leads to more deaths than automobile accidents. Imagine that. 

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 420 million people today who have type 2 diabetes, and that number just keeps going up. 

Our future depends on an individual’s health. To make our society healthy individuals have to contribute. Sugar is never going to get you the best-desired health. Reducing sugar and highly-processed carbohydrate foods from your diet can change your life.

Here are three steps for you to try over the next:

  1. Have a protein-rich breakfast.
  2. Next time when you have sweet cravings after your meal. Grab a glass of water first. Being dehydrated actually makes you hungry. And so why don’t you have water first? You’ll probably feel more energized because a 5% decrease in hydration can correlate to a 20% decrease in energy.
  3. Replace high-carb with low-carb foods. Nowadays the market is loaded with so many options of low-carb foods. 

In conclusion, what we want to leave you with is this, it’s so obvious to state that reducing sugar in your diet could be life-changing for you. 

“Changing your life can be this simple; it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Because when you want to make a big change in your life, you have to start with just small steps.”


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