What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Menopause?


Menopause is an entirely new chapter of life. It starts when the menstrual cycle ends. It is not a significant health problem, but hormonal & other different symptoms of menopause that occur during this period can cause you many discomforts.

In developed countries, most women suffer from Menopause around the age of 40 & 58, whereas you can take an average age for Menopause is 51 years. Every woman experiences different symptoms of Menopause. It can be night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, reduces sex drive & hot flashes. Get guidance on bladder issues, hormonal unevenness, hot glimmers, vaginal dryness with Dr.Anna Cabeca Coupons Codes & avail of some discounts.

How We Define Menopause:

Menopause is when the person’s menstrual cycle stops or the period cycle is not about to happen for more than 12 months. It can occur at any age or can last for several years.

Menopause Has Three Stages:

  • 12 months after the person’s last period – This time is known as Perimenopause
  • When the person period is absent for more than 12 months or stopped because of some female reproductive system surgeries. – This time is known as Menopause
  • The years that follow Menopause – This time is known as Postmenopause

Most Common Symptoms You Can Feel During Or In Early Menopause

During Menopause, usually, a body goes through many mental & physical changes that can occur for the short run or continue for the long run. Here are some early symptoms of Menopause.

Irregular Menstruation Cycle:

Your menstruation cycle is no longer continuous or regular. They can be shorter or last for more than a week. Consult a doctor if you see these changes in your period:

  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Spotting
  • The period lasts for more than a week.
  • The period occurs after a gap of one year.

Vaginal Dryness Or Bladder Issues:

Vaginal dryness, itching, bladder control & discomfort are the changes you can feel during Menopause. These problems can create many infections during sexual intercourse or face frequent urination as you cannot hold your urine for a longer time.

Hot Flashes:

You can experience hot flashes during the phase of Menopause due to the changing levels of estrogen levels. Your body can get a sudden feeling of heat. Red patches can occur on the face, neck, arms, back & chest. Some people can also experience night sweats, cold flashes, or chills.

Sleeping Disturbances:

Sleep disturbances become common during Menopause. You can find trouble in getting adequate sleep. The problems like feeling anxious, frequent urination & night sweats can keep you awake in the middle of the night.

Mood Swings:

You can feel intense mood swings or irritation around the time of Menopause. It is possible that stress, depression, physical changes, or feeling tired could be the reasons behind these mood changes.

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The severity of the above symptoms can vary from person to person. But consult with your doctor if any of these symptoms are disturbing to your everyday life.


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