Top 7 Laser Debunked Today

laser hair removal

“I have heard that laser hair removal therapy is for people with light skin tones and this will not work for me, so I am not getting one.” Many people have such misconceptions about this technique and they silently bear all the problems. Well, don’t be so quick to believe in various things that you hear from others. Do some research and find out the actual truth behind them.

We all have unwanted hair on our bodies and want to get rid of them. Even though there are many at-home hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, etc., all of them are temporary. Also, you need to repeat them frequently to get rid of these unwanted hairs. In addition, these methods can cause skin irritation, bumps, and then new hair will be thicker and darker. Another major point is that these traditional methods are expensive in the long run.

It is no wonder that permanent hair removal will be a sigh of relief and this is what everyone wants. This technique is getting popular as it is a painless hair removal process, and provides a permanent solution.

Although this process is well-liked by most people, it still falls prey to many Hair Removal Myths. These misconceptions are the reasons why people are still struggling with these skin related problems.

7 Laser Hair Removal Myths And The Reality

Myth#1: It Is A Painful Process And Can Damage The Skin

This is a widespread misconception. Hair removal with laser devices seems scary but surprisingly it is not painful. As everyone’s pain thresholds vary, thus, it is difficult to say
how much pain they feel. This procedure does not hurt more than waxing and the majority of people say they have experienced only a tingling sensation.

Advanced technology has made such devices that make it possible to treat people by sending light from hair. This process is safe as it does not cause bleeding. Some people may feel redness on their body after treatment but that will also stay for a few minutes or hours.

Myth#2: It Does Not Give A Permanent Solution

This confusion is spreading day by day. Well, if it were true then baldness would have been
cured forever. With this treatment, you can say goodbye to unwanted hair with Laser Hair
Removal for months or years, or forever. It all depends on your hormones, diet, and medications. Some people may develop hair in new areas while some may not need to take
this treatment again.

Myth#3: It Doesn’t Work On Different Skin Tones

With the latest advancement in technologies now it is possible to remove hair with this
technique on all skin types. Before taking this treatment, consult your dermatologist and ask them if their system and devices are up to date. This treatment works on all types of skin but it does not work on light color hair, blonde hair, and some shades of red. For these patients, the ideal treatment is electrolysis.

Myth#4: It Will Only Take Two Or Three Treatments

This is a totally untrue statement. To get proper results one needs to undergo more than two treatments. All hair does not grow at the same time, thus, it needs time to treat them. For effective results, hair follicles need to be destroyed gradually. This may take up to a few

Myth#5: It Is A Very Expensive Process

The cost of this technique depends on factors such as the area that you are going to get treated and the number of sessions. The procedure may seem to be expensive at the front but in the long run, it is cost-effective. For at-home procedures, you have to buy creams, razors, etc, at regular times so, that’s why it is cheaper than that.

Myth#6: It Causes Skin Burns

Well, this does not happen in most cases. It all depends on how much experience your
practitioner has and what technique he uses in the treatment. Moreover, people with dark skin may face this problem but that also happens in a few cases.

Myth#7: It Is Not For Men

Many people believe that this treatment is also a women’s thing. Well, this is not true. The
therapy is also ideal for men as well. Men undergo laser treatment for various body parts such as the neck, back, arms, chest, etc.

Now as you got to know about the truth about these Hair Removal Myths, there are several myths out there. So, instead of believing in them make sure you ask your dermatologist about it. Now if you have heard such things and are not getting treatment due to them, it is time to debunk them and get what you need. If you want to get laser hair removal from a professional get in touch with ICE 21 which is one of the leading skincare brands in Canada.


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