Top 5 Free AI Tools that will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines and programs that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Thus, it differs from human intelligence in terms of how it is achieved, what capabilities it has, what its limitations are, and where its power comes from. The field of AI research by nature includes studies in computer science, mathematics, philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. Hence, the main premise is that artificial intelligence will “reduce unnecessary human work and improve our living standards.

Use of Artificial intelligence in Our Day to Day Life:

  • Alexa, Siri, and other smart assistants 
  • Email Spam filters
  • Social Medial recommendations like Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • Self-driving and parking cars
  • Web searching 
  • Google assistant 
  • Drones 
  • Social media feeds
  • Ads network 
  • Navigation tools like Google map
  • Robots 

Tools of AI: 

  1. tool helps you to write Instagram captions, gives you blog ideas, product descriptions, Facebook content, startup ideas. is an automated creativity tool. By using you can generate marketing copy in seconds. Hence, the uniqueness of this product lies in the technology behind it. Today, social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the main source of communication for people all over the world. The number of people logging in to their favorite social media app has grown over the years. And the number of users who apply filters to their pictures has only increased. These platforms, created by high-tech giants, are virtually controlling how we communicate with each other. To conclude, helps you to grow on any social platform. 

  1. Select a type of copy: Choose from any social media like Instagram, Facebook, blog description, news headlines, product description.

  2. Describe your product: Submit the name of your company with a brief description of it in 2-3 sentences.

  3. Get your result and edit: You will get a maximum of 10 at an instant and by running the tool again and again you can get more ideas. has the features to automate copy for the following:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Ads
  • Startup Tools: Moto generators, Value Proposition, Brand Voice, etc.
  • Website Copy
  • Email/Letter
  • Content Creation for Social Media
  • Sales copy
  • Brainstorming Tools
  • Personal Tools: Cover letters, Love letters, Bio is a new form of artificial intelligence that has been developed to make your writing better and more persuasive and is available for use by all authors. It will copy and edit your draft to transform it into something that’s more engaging, understandable, logical, easier to read, and offers a positive tone. It offers both desktop installation and browser-based is currently in its Beta testing phase but will soon be ready for use by all authors who want their writing improved before publishing it on blogs or other outlets. will help you turn ordinary writing into unique and impressive pieces of work. Humans will be able to see the hard work and research that goes into a piece of writing, while robots can understand it more easily.

The benefits of are numerous:

– No matter what type of article you’re writing, Copy.aI will edit it to make it better.

– It doesn’t matter what kind of topic you’re writing about. Hence, can improve your writing.

– helps even the best writers to become better. However, the system automatically improves your text without making it seem like it was edited by a machine.

– You can use it on any platform, whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device. This program is unique in that it offers an easily accessible editing service for everyone.

2. is an AI-based presentation maker platform in which there are tons of themes and templates to choose from. is an AI-powered presentation-making app that helps you visualize how products will look on your skin. It can tell you which products to use, what colors to combine, and how to apply them for the most natural effect.

Just add the contents, your slides will work like magic. Hence, it will save the cost of hiring a designer for your business. As you will sign in, it will unlock thousands of animated presentations with modern ideas that will guide and enhance your business.  You can organize your ideas quickly by obsoleting the outdated steps that are inefficient. It makes your business look brilliant and saves hours. It has tons of smart templates to choose from. 

3. Deep-nostalgia

​​Wouldn’t it be great to actually feel nostalgic? To be able to indulge in the sweet sorrow of looking back, to know the joy that’s with us? We’ve all heard stories of people who overcame crippling mental illness by walking their dogs or knitting. These methods have been proven to have one hugely beneficial aspect – they create a sense of routine. In this way, a genuine feeling of nostalgia can be achieved, a mental state that allows the sufferer to momentarily escape the cycle of trauma.

We wondered whether this could be applied to our daily work routines, and so we came up with Deep-Nostalgia Ai.

Deep-Nostalgia Ai takes the form of a simple “feeling nostalgia” algorithm. When similar articles to the one you are currently reading are shown. so, it will give you a sad smile, followed by a warm feeling of nostalgia. It can also be triggered by anything that triggers an emotion of nostalgia – whether it be good, bad, or just plain boring. Our algorithms aren’t perfect, but they are damn close. We wanted to make it easy to use, so we designed the app to feel like a piece of software you were using years ago, with large buttons that looked like they belonged in the latest version of Microsoft Office or Apple Keynote. However, this isn’t the case – Deep-Nostalgia Ai is now defunct. We now create websites and work on exciting projects like our new CrossCheck service.

Features of Deep-Nostalgia Tool

– Use Deep-Nostalgia Ai to feel nostalgic from any modern task. Simple, you’ll be able to easily use the tool without overthinking it.

– With a simple interface, you’ll be able to easily use the tool without overthinking it. Easy – No installation required. Simply download the app, and open it from your desktop.

– No installation is required. Simply download the app, and open it from your desktop. Intuitive – You can use Deep-Nostalgia Ai with any task you need to feel nostalgic about, whether it be sport, music, shopping, or watching television.

– You can use Deep-Nostalgia Ai with any task you need to feel nostalgic about, whether it be sport, music, shopping, or watching television.


Hotpot makes graphic design and image editing easier. With drag-n-drop software and attractive templates, anyone can create device mockups, social media posts, marketing images, app icons, and other work graphics. Hotpot offers AI tools and drag-n-drop software for graphic design and media creation. Our AI services include copywriting, background removal, picture colorization, photo restoration, image upscaling, art personalization, app localization, and more. Add these services to your app, website, or workflow with the Hotpot API.

Features of

  1. AI Art Maker
  2. AI Picture Colorizer 
  3. AI Picture Restorer
  4. AI Background Remover
  5. AI Spark writer
  6. AI graphic enlarger 
  7. AI Art personalized 
  8. AI Image classifier
  9. AI file translator 
  10. AI color generator 
  11. Icon resizer 
  12. Free icons 
  13. SVG to PNG converter 
  14. Free Games Assets 
  1. PFPMaker

    What does “PFP” mean?

    PFP is an acronym for the profile picture. It does have other meanings. However, profile pic has become more common in recent years. PFP MAker is an artificial intelligence-based online tool that helps you to create your own attractive profile pics. Just upload your picture, enter text and choose a design from many. We created our website because we realized that this was something people really needed!

    We’ve all seen it; those Facebook or Instagram profile pictures that are blurry, old, or just plain not good enough. It’s too late to start taking “better” profile pictures, but what if you had better ones before they were taken?

    That’s the idea behind Profile Photo Maker, a website that uses artificial intelligence to help you create your own custom profile pictures. You simply upload a photo or sketch, then choose from a variety of animated themes and decorative designs that will help your photo look just right. The site lets you adjust everything from the color to the angle of the picture and everything in between, so you can create something truly unique.

  1. Upload Photo: Upload any JPG/PNG photo of a maximum of 5MB.

  2. Background remover: PFPMaker uses AI to automatically remove any background.

  3. Instantly generates the output: Dozens of professionals of your choice pics. You can choose the color, background, shadow of your choice.


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