The Most Popular Gemstones for Bridal Jewelry


The most popular gemstone for bridal jewelry is the most popular choice for most women; diamonds. Diamonds, whether white or rose colored, are a classic choice for engagement rings and wedding bands throughout history. 

White diamonds are the second-most popular choice. Yellow sapphires have been on top of some other lists as being the most popular choice of gemstone for bridal jewelry, but they are actually on number five on a list of top five gemstone choices.

When it comes to buying wedding rings, the most popular choice may depend on where you live in the United States. In the South and West, where diamonds are more plentiful and less expensive, you’ll find that diamonds are at the top of the charts for most popular gemstone beaded necklaces and bridal jewelry. 

In some areas of California, the white sapphire is number one on people’s lists. This is because these areas have a high concentration of natural gems such as diamond and sapphires.

The Top Five Gemstones for Bridal Jewelry:

  1. Diamonds  – The most popular gemstone choice for bridal jewelry; it’s the most popular choice for women. A diamond is classic and timeless, like any woman who chooses it. As the saying goes, a diamond is forever! This can make it very romantic because of its symbolism. 
  2. Yellow sapphire – Sapphires are often referred to as “the gem of love” or “the gem of faithfulness. “It’s a good idea to read about the history of the gem before you buy a sapphire engagement ring or band.
  3. Garnet – If you’re looking for a stone with good symbolism, garnet is your best choice. They are believed to bring strength, health, healing and even peace.

  4. Ruby – Rubies are often associated with royalty and power. The red color of rubies has been used for centuries in religious icons, including Jesus’ crown of thorns. Rubies have also been called the stone of love with their fiery red hues representing passion and romance.
  5. Amethyst – This stone is believed to bring protection, promote tranquility and peace of mind. Amethysts are also associated with love. So if you want to buy a gemstone that represents peace, tranquility and protection, this could be a good choice.

Fashion jewelry is made of base metals such as silver and gold plated base metals or sterling silver or 14K gold filled metal. The best fashion jewelry will have gems that are set in a way that they won’t easily fall out or loosen over time and with wear.

Gemstone beaded necklaces – these will take your breath away. So much so, that you’ll find yourself re-thinking the gemstone necklace selection. These pieces of jewelry are elegant, earthy, and timeless – from jade to opal to turquoise. They’re not only an excellent way to dress up your attire for a special occasion or event but they’re also a great gift for bridesmaids. However, if you are looking for the perfect jewel and don’t know where to start – this is where we come in! 

Which Gemstones Can Be Used for Wedding Rings?

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are popular choices for bridal jewelry. Choosing the right gemstone can depend on personality preference and budget, but many people find it important to give precedence to their future spouse’s birthstone (or zodiac sign), as well as their own.

Due to diamonds’ high cost, many couples opt for alternative rings or jewelry made from alternative stones like sapphires instead of diamonds. Below are some of the most popular gemstones for bridal jewelry:

Sapphires: Sapphires are affordable, durable and come in a wide range of colors. Because they’re often less expensive than diamonds, many couples opt to use sapphire gemstones for their bridal jewelry.

Emeralds: Emerald is the birthstone of those who were born in May, making it a popular choice for wedding jewelry. Some people believe that emeralds increase their owner’s emotional and physical well-being.

White Gemstones for Jewelry 

White gemstones for jewelry have always been popular. White is associated with purity and innocence, so it’s no wonder that these qualities are what many people think of when they want a gemstone for their wedding. But which gemstones, specifically, are the most popular?

Clear quartz has long been a fan favorite for its versatility in different kinds of jewelry. It can be cut as beads and worn as a necklace, hung from earrings or headpieces, or cut into shapes like spheres to make pendants or rings.

Alternative Gemstones for Bridal Jewelry

Chrysoberyl (Cobalt Blue)

This beautiful gemstone combines the best of both worlds – it’s affordable and provides a good-looking sparkle, so it’s ideal for bridal rings.

Blue Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli)

Also a popular choice for bridal rings because it provides good-looking sparkle and is affordable, lapis lazuli is considered to be a lucky gemstone, so it helps to “tune into your future”.

Blue Topaz

Sapphire silver bands are very popular because they represent forever, and blue topaz is an affordable alternative to diamond if you’re on a budget. It symbolizes loyalty and responsibility, as well as the deep love of one’s partner. Topaz has a bluish-green color that can be enhanced with beryl, which changes the color from blue to green.

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