Surefire Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

GPS Location Tracker

Parenting is not considered as a profession but it’s a full-time job with no vacations at all. Taking care of the kids, their schoolwork and their online activities is a hectic routine and with the increasing amount of social media applications, parenting has surely become tough. The exposure of the Internet to the young kids have made parents quite anxious about their safety online. Kids nowadays need the Internet for their assignments, activities, and everything so the question appears as to how parents can ensure their safety online? How parents can stay with their kids digitally? Well, the best gadget for parenting and the best solution for all these problems is here i.e. OgyMogy. An application with a unique set of features that includes a GPS location tracker with call logs, voice recording, browsing history, and screen recording, etc. is here to help parents track their kids’ activities online.

The best thing about it is that it can run on all kinds of platforms; android, windows, or mac. A few simple steps and can be installed on any device of your kids. Here’s how it can help parents to ensure the safety of their kids online.

GPS Location Tracker

The one thing that parents are always worried about is not knowing where their kids are. It
makes them anxious. But no worries now as OgyMogy can help them to track the location of their kids. The tracking software keeps an eye on all the movements of kids and then notify the parents.

This is helpful for parents who are worried about the safety of their kids outside the school. The education process is so hectic that kids often need academies for extra help in their studies so a GPS location tracker can be used to see if the kids are attending the academies regularly and are not spending their time anywhere else.

Monitoring Online Activities

Social media platforms have exposed kids to the Internet from such a small age. These platforms are filled with all kinds of stuff which may not be good for kids or teens. To see that your kid is safe from all this, you can just install OgyMogy. Its feature includes watching the social media accounts, calls and text records, and online chats of kids, and so on. One of the best features is that it lets you monitor your kid by recording the screen of their monitors.

What it does is that it makes screenshots of the screen after every few minutes and then makes a video for you so that you can see all the online activities of your kid. This is made for two purposes. One is security so that you can make sure that your kid is safe online and that he is focusing on studies only and the second is that you can stay involved with your kids by seeing their online activities.

With all these new social media applications, parents feel unattached from their kids as they don’t know what’s trending or what’s new. Monitoring the online activities of kids can help parents to know about the interests and hobbies of kids. So what are you waiting for? If you also feel unattached with your kids because you don’t know their interests then hurry and download OgyMogy and get close to your kids. It’s the best parenting application.

Monitoring Browsing History

Kids like to be private nowadays and it’s to the extent they lock their pc, tablets, and phones so that they can do whatever they want. And parents are tied down as they can’t do anything but still want to see what their kids are doing. One of the traditional ways of knowing about their online activities has been going through their browsing history. OgyMogy provides this feature too but with a new twist.

It lets you see the browsing history of kids along with the remote access to their pc. It monitors all actions of the kids and provides remote access to all kinds of devices and lets you see everything. New problems ask for new solutions and OgyMogy is the best solution for parents who are having difficulty in parenting. It’s surely the best personal gadget.


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