How to buy Vaynix (VNX) Using MyEtherWallet

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1) Choose your password

1) Download your Wallet Keystore
2) After you download your Wallet Keystore click on button “i understand. Continue”

1) Save your Private Key ( Is very important to save your Private Key in order to login back to your account
2) After you save your Private Key Click on “Save Your Address”

1) Tick Private Key
2) Paste your Private Key to login into your account

1) Here is your Ethereum Address and Vaynix (VNX) Address ( Please fill up your balance with ethereum in order to buy Vaynix )
2) Now add Vaynix (VNX) To your account

1) To add Vaynix (VNX) To your account you have to fill the details with :
– Token contract address : 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C
– Token Symbol : VNX
– Decimals : 18

Click save and now you can see how much Vaynix (VNX) You own on your account

How to buy Vaynix (VNX) Using ethereum ?
1) click “Send Ether & Tokens”
2) Send Ethereum to contract address ( Vaynix )
-“To address” Fill with Vaynix(VNX) address : 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C
Amount to send” The Value in ethereum would you like to send to 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C in order to receive Vaynix (VNX)
1 Ethereum = 100000 Vaynix (VNX)

0.001 Ethereum = 100 Vaynix (VNX)

After you send Ethereum to 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C you will get automatically Vaynix (VNX) after the transaction is confirmed


MyEtherWallet Link