How to buy Vaynix (VNX) Using MetaMask

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How MetaMask Extension look 

1) Click on “●●●”

2) Copy your address ( Send Ethereum to that address in order to fill up your Wallet account )

1) Click on “Tokens”

2) Click on “Add Token”

1) “Token Contract Address” Add Vaynix (VNX) Address: 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C

“Token Symbol”: VNX

“Decimals of Precision: 18

2) Click “Add”

Now you can see how much Vaynix (VNX) You own on your wallet

How to buy Vaynix (VNX) Using Ethereum (ETH)

1)Fill up with the address of Vaynix (VNX): 0xbbf1885C21604Ef777009aCa8ff549EE96Bb3D7C

“Amount” Place the Amount of Ethereum you want to send in order to receive Vaynix (VNX)

1 Ethereum = 100000 Vaynix (VNX)

0.001 Ethereum = 100 Vaynix (VNX)

Click Next



1)Click “Submit”

MetaMash Extension Link