Importance Of Life Coaching In India


Each and every individual carries a lot of power within themselves. A nudge is needed to let that power out in a positive and productive manner. A life coach helps you give that nudge. A life coach is like a sounding board that helps you improve, aspire, and achieve your goals by realizing you’re inborn potential effectively and optimally.

Around 89% of people are well aware of the benefits of life coaching in India and around 59% have hired a life coach at some time in there life, with 97% being satisfied with the overall experience. It was disclosed by the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, which was also conducted by PwC Research. There is an increase in demand for a life coach in India due to various positive results that a life coach offers to solve one’s life problems.

Life coaches are people who help others deal with their challenges and act as catalysts for their clients. They are individuals who inspire people to change their habits and realize their potential for personal and professional growth. Life coaching is a series of conversations that help people see their problems and obstacles from a whole new perspective.

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The lessening in the number of the joint family system has left many feeling isolated. Life has become fast-paced and with that, the expectations and competition with oneself and others are getting fiercer than ever. Relationships are being harder to maintain because of home and work pressure on the shoulders of just two people due to the nuclear nature of families causing an increase in disagreements and separation. People don’t have time to pause and look within hence they need someone who can objectively provide answers without being judgmental.

Importance Of Life Coaching

Life coaching helps people improve and enhance their personal and professional lives whether they want to strengthen their relationship with others, need career advice, move their business forward, or simply have more peace in their lives, a life coach can help set, understand, and meet those goals. Becoming the Life Coach in India is an exciting journey.

In India, Life coaches offer practical solutions rather than philosophical gyaan provided by spiritual gurus. Many people seek them out due to find a solution to “stressful lives” and “work-life imbalance”. Although it’s not always professional angst or personal trauma that brings people to a life coach’s couch. Sometimes it can be just anxiety and behavioral imbalances as well which can make people suicidal in extreme cases.

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In most cases, it’s for regaining lost confidence and self-esteem, procrastination and lack of productivity, stress, relationships, and conflicts, finding life’s purpose, among others. Getting a client away from their long-held beliefs is the toughest challenge faced by a life coach. Getting people to unlearn many things to create space to learn something new requires skills and patience. It is essential to help others discover their limiting beliefs and heal the wounds that are holding them back.

Life coaching is about the right guidance, inspiring someone, and helping people create an
actionable plan to achieve one’s life goals. Life coaches help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses and motivate you to leverage your strengths to address your concerns, helping you to live a fuller, meaningful life that empowers you. They will help you by focusing on areas like career, relationship, money, retirement, health, and various others. Today, most of the people are struggling to make a meaningful balance between the various demands of our lives. It’s not just work-life anymore; it’s also about other aspects like our aspirations, our ‘personal me-time’ so on. Life coaching helps in improving performance in all areas of life.

How To Get A Life Coach In India?

1. There are many life coaches around the world, but to find a life coach in a country or a region depends upon their availability in that particular area. As with the availability of the internet, it is very much easier nowadays to connect to a life coach through various online mediums like video chats, phone calls & messages. Google is a very popular search engine to search for any information, Normally life coaches have their own websites that can be easily found on google while searching or at times there are many online advertisements going on now and then which one can refer to get a life coach in India.

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2. LinkedIn: Search mentors on LinkedIn. You can find a number of life coaching experts.
To be successful in your personal life-changing journey, you need to find the perfect life coach to help support you.

Life Coaching And You

Life coaching is very important because you and your dreams are foremost. To help pursue your dreams, or to help build foundations of your new entrepreneurial venture or to grow it multi-fold, or to inspire you to overcome your insecurities each of these is a huge task leading to their own setbacks and obstacles. A life coach helps you cushion every fall, raise you when you’re down, and motivate you to keep ongoing. They draw from their experience and devotion to help you come out of the top.

To sum it up, life coaching is simple:

It makes “I want” to “I have”
It makes “I should” to “I am”

Let’s learn and discover ‘new you’ with the help of a life coach!!!


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