How Yoga Practices Can Overcome The Problem Of Insomnia

How Yoga Practices Can Overcome the Problem Of Insomnia

Stress has increased a lot in today’s run-of-the-mill routine. Due to this stress, people are reading how to face problems such as sleeplessness, Yoga Practices, etc. Apart from this, for those who work night shifts, this problem has become even more intractable. In this way, the shift time and pressure of work are becoming the reason for not being able to sleep properly.

If you are unable to sleep at night, then you feel exhausted throughout the day, apart from this, neither do you feel like working, and you also have to face problems like headaches. To have a healthy body and heart and mind, it is very important to have a good sleep. When we sleep well, the body feels refreshed, on the contrary, the whole day is wasted due to incomplete sleep. Even slowly, dark circles start coming under the eyes.

How Yoga Practices Can Overcome the Problem Of Insomnia

If you also do not sleep well. And if you live stressful and restless, then we want to tell you that yoga can help you with this. If you take sleeping medicines for sleep, then it is absolutely wrong, such medicines also negatively affect your body. So know this Yoga Practices for Good Sleep, which can also remove your insomnia problem and you can also get good sleep.

Yoga To Cure Sleeplessness

There are many benefits to doing Yoga Practices. If a person regularly meditates and Yoga Poses for Sleep, then the problem of not getting sleep at night can completely be reduced, relieves your body fatigue and stress, which makes you sleep well. There are some  asanas that can help you in a peaceful sleep. 


According to health experts, anxiety, stress is the main reason for not getting sleep, in such a situation, if you adopt Shavasana Yoga, you can get better control over your stress. Practice Shavasana for 1 or 2 minutes. And if you have enough time, 20 minutes can be done. Do this asana regularly before going to bed, you can see the change yourself. 

Twist Seating

Twist seating before going to sleep is also a better option for a good sleep at night. first of all, sit down by twisting your feet and try to relax. By doing this asana, your back and thighs get relief. Also, it can help you sleep well.

How Yoga Practices Can Overcome the Problem Of Insomnia


Balasan Yoga is named after the children. Some people think that this yoga is only for children, but it is not so at all. You can also make it big. This simple body posture is like that in the womb of the mother before birth. It is very easy to do it, by doing this it brings freshness to the body, and the mind relaxes.


While doing Halasana, the posture of your body becomes similar to ‘plow’, a tool used for plowing the ground. It is the reason why it is called so. In English, it is called the Plow Pose. This is an easy way to make the body flexible and reduce weight. 

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While doing Halasana Yogasana, one has to lift his legs slowly by sleeping straight. Then take your legs above the head and make them touch the ground behind. While doing this, there is muscle soreness and sleep is also good.

How Yoga Practices Can Overcome the Problem Of Insomnia


By doing this asana, the stress of the body is reduced, and you get good sleep, to perform this asana, you have to use your entire body from head to toe. 

First, you fold one leg and stretch the other to sit down. Now after this, grab your stretched toe and try to touch your head when the same foot is lost. After this, fold one leg and stretch the other hand with it.

Above you know yoga asana to cure sleeplessness.  Apart from this, music therapy can also overcome the problem of sleeplessness, music also has a type of magic. This removes tiredness of the body, so listen to sweet music before sleeping, sleep becomes fast. Massaging the claw is also a better option for its extra good sleep. After the day’s fatigue, when you massage the oil on the feet, it gives you relief and sleep is also good. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining Yoga School in Rishikesh.


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