Give Your Die Cut Boxes A New Look With Unique Layouts

die cut boxes

Various brands are using die cut boxes for years following the trend to grab customer attention in retail stores. They come with a customized window through which buyers are able to see the original products before purchasing them. It is the reason they have become a favorite of both retailers and buyers. Packaging trends are getting more innovative and creative, so it is a need for businesses to give a new look to these boxes using some unique layouts. Following are some unique and creative techniques to do so.

Different Printing Techniques

For businesses, the different types of printing technologies are sometimes hard to understanding. While having prints on your die cut boxes to give them a promotional touch, it is necessary to make the colors thicker. Getting a fine print is possible by using some latest technologies like offset printing. In offset printing, different metal plates are used, which are specially designed with engraved design on them, which is required to print on packaging.

It gives a more refined print than even digital printing. However, it depends upon businesses. If they require packaging in bulk amount, then offset printing is the best technique but for low quantity, digital printing is considered more because of costs incurred. Screen printing and flexography are also some useful printing technologies to give your boxes a new look.

Apply Protective Coatings 

Coating always plays a pivotal role in making the packaging more innovative and attractive.
Normally used coatings are UV coating and varnish, which makes the surface smooth and makes the printing shiny and attractive. However, to add more luxury and to provide a completely new look to boxes, there are some most beautiful and effective specialty coatings.

Though these coatings are a little cost consuming but making a little investment will benefit your brand for longer durations. The most popular specialty coatings are pearlized coating, glittered, reticulated, embossed and debossed, scented, and foil stamped coatings. All these coatings provide a more refined finishing to corrugated cardboard boxes. However, consulting your packaging manufacturers to choose the right type of coating according to the type of boxes will be more beneficial and effective.

A Little Touch Of Velvety Texture

For almost every die cut packaging that is used for expensive packaging items, lamination has a core value. It plays a remarkable role in preserving the printing quality and elegancy for a longer time. Gloss and matte are the most commonly used laminations that put their effort into preserving printing by resisting harmful external factors.

However, merchandisers who give a lot of importance to increase aesthetics prefer to use velvet lamination. It is even more efficient than soft-touch lamination. The velvety texture is loved by everyone who picks items in retail stores while they are packaged. It has a strong resistance against scratches and is considered the best scuff resistant. It increases the overall shelf life of printing and the rest of the packaging. It also resists environmental conditions like humidity. A completely new brand value is perceived by using this option.

Utilizing Foil Printing

Foil printing is usually mixed up with other techniques like embossing, but it is a different
process. If we check the history centuries back, we will still find the use of foil stamping in many ways. Over the years, it has evolved itself, and now there are many new methods to make them more innovative. To change the look of the packaging, it is a perfect method.

Foil printing is done with heating and has no involvement in inks like traditional printing. Foil stamping has advantages over methods like embossing as it creates a raised effect on the surface, but foil printing still provides a flat texture. Nowadays, it is not limited only to traditional golden and silver colors. You can get them printed in any color of your desire. Foil stamping completely changes the layout of the box design.

Playing With Colors

You will be surprised to know that about 85 percent of buyers made a purchase decision by
getting influenced by colors. So, it essential to consider playing with colors to give a whole new look to your die cut packaging. Colors have a deep influence to impact human emotions and attracting them with a soft feel. Colors are perceived differently in changing light shades.

So it is important to choose such colors that will give an appealing look in every condition. Pantone matching system is effective to get a variety of colors, but CMYK is more popular because of their perfect color choices. Your colors should express the theme of the brand, should maintain a matching with fonts and graphics.

Opting For Nostalgic Approaches 

There are various more options that we can use to make the die cut packaging more innovative. Choosing a nostalgic approach is also sometimes more beneficial in getting maximum attention. Many industry experts consider it a perfect style for unique packaging design. Many past trends on various discussion, platforms are proof that buyers want the retro and vintage designs back.

Many big brands have already shifted their box designs to these practices. It makes them
reminding of the old times and provides a matchless feeling. Apart from vintage and retro, some other designs are quite popular, including classic, antique, royal, and reminiscent. These layouts completely change the looks of boxes.

All these creative and unique layouts contribute a lot to give die cut boxes a new look. It
becomes necessary to reshape them to meet the current trends of the market in this increased competition. Buyers are more attracted to products that are made more innovative and luxurious. All these discussed techniques are quite popular nowadays.


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