Get Your Dream Bike This Festive Season With Two-Wheeler Loans

two wheeler loan

Riding a two-wheeler is the most convenient way of commuting from your home to your
workplace, or run some errands. A two-wheeler loan is the smartest way of financing a bike
of your choice.

This festive season is a great time to avail a two-wheeler loan as lenders are providing the
borrowers with exclusive offers, gifts and beneficial plan. You can easily buy your dream
bike with two-wheeler finance and also get additional benefits. Bike finance helps in purchasing a two-wheeler without having to worry about paying the entire cost at once. You can repay the loan amount and the interest through monthly instalments or EMIs.

We Bring You Six Reasons To Opt For A Two-wheeler Loan To Buy Your Dream Bike This Festive Season. 

1. Safe And Affordable
Lenders offer a safe, reliable and transparent option for borrowers. Any additional charges
are stated clearly, and your repayment tenure is clearly described as well. You can avail
attractive interest rates during the festive season with convenient repayment options.

2. Takes Off A Huge Burden
The biggest benefit of availing a two-wheeler loan is not facing financial problems at a time. It
assists you to pay back the money you owe to the lender at a fixed interest rate which is nominal and makes it more comfortable on your pockets to pay a little amount every month.

So, if you purchase a bike which is priced at Rs. 50,000, paying it off within a year at a nominal price is suitable. Not only this but for all individuals who want to purchase a super expensive premium bike with no hassle, lenders also offer a premium bike finance upto Rs. 5 lakh.

3. Keep Your Cash For Emergencies

The price of a two-wheeler is substantial. When you avail for bike finance instead of using
your savings, you free up your funds. So, you can keep your funds aside for emergencies and personal expenses.

4. Attractive interest rates

Bike loan interest rates in India ranges from 12%-27%. These varying interest rates depend on the lender you choose, your time of employment, annual income, bike specifications, etc. Lenders are offering bike loans at very reasonable interest rates. Since the number of people who want to travel fast, securely and efficiently has increased tremendously, the need for two-wheelers has also increased.

Thus, the interest rate charged on two-wheelers has decreased over the years due to an increase in demand in the bike industry. So, for all those who wish to buy their dream bike, this festive season is the perfect time to avail an attractive bike loan.

5. Build A Credit Profile

Bike loan is easy to repay as it has an inexpensive repayment facility and a flexible tenure. If you want to build a credit profile, then borrowing a bike loan is a good idea. As soon as you repay the loan with interest, you will have a good credit score which will help you in availing loans in the future. Make sure to pay your EMIs on time to ensures a good credit rating.

6. Easy And Quick Application Process

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for months for a loan to get approved and stand in queues outside financing institutions. With the amazing changes made in the loan approval process over the last few years, it takes only 24 hours to get your two-wheeler loan approved. As soon as the loan gets approved, the amount is disbursed to your account. The period of repayment varies from 12-48 months, making it a more comfortable option for many to repay the loan in smaller instalments.


With all the reasons stated above, it's quite clear that availing a two-wheeler loan is the most beneficial option to purchase a two-wheeler.  So, go ahead and buy the two-wheeler of your choice now!


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