Can I Automate My Existing Driveway Gates

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Automated gates are a more cost-effective alternative to fixed driveway gates, meaning one can install them on their own property without the need for professional help. This allows users to save money while still maintaining the security of having something in place to keep intruders out.


The benefits of automated gate installation are numerous, but they come with several concerns. Before you go ahead and install any new devices, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with all the options on the market and make an educated decision on what will work best for your situation. For any help with it, you can get in touch with an automated gate contractor and get the best help. 


When you’re exploring your automatic gate options, here’s what to keep in mind:

Automation types:

There are two main types of automation: radio and drive. The differences between the two are minor, and your decision will mostly come down to personal preference. These systems operate on radio frequencies, which means they need a broadband source and will not work once that broadband source is lost. Drive automation relies on a direct power source and runs independently of any outside communications. Drive gates tend to be more expensive than radio gates, but their increased reliability may be worth it for those who want a truly all-in-one solution.

Gate type:

The type of gate you pick will depend on what view you want from your driveway. A roll-up gate can be installed directly onto your driveway and opens outward to fully open your garage door at the same time as your driveway gate. A swing gate can be manually opened from the driveway, but it will pivot out of the way when you need to exit. Sliding gates also open from the driveway, but they slide into a chute built into the side of your house. A bi-fold gate opens inward and is usually installed in front of your driveway to hide your car and property from view entirely. For more help, you can consult an automated gate contractor

And –

If you have a garage:

If you have a garage, there are some options that work better than others. A garage door opener will work for all door types (rolling, swinging, and bi-fold) and automate the closing/opening process when entering/exiting the garage. However, the garage door opener will not work with a roll-up gate and you’ll need to purchase a separate drive gate for that option. A drive gate will work with any type of garage door, but it’s typically installed closer to the garage door itself because of its close proximity. If you have a sliding garage door, you may want to look into one of the bi-fold options.

Remote monitoring:

If you want to monitor your automatic gate from anywhere there is an internet connection, look for systems that offer remote monitoring capabilities. Some systems can be monitored using an app on your cell phone or tablet while others come equipped with security cameras capable of sending live footage to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For help, you can get in touch with an automated gate contractor

IP Cameras:

IP cameras can be installed alongside an automated gate and allow you to see everything that’s going on outside of your home at all times. These cameras transmit a real-time feed of the activity on the other side of the gate and usually give you the ability to record video directly to a cloud server for later viewing. You can also use some IP cameras to make sure you don’t have a surprise gate opening if you’ve left your home for a few days. 

FAQs on automated driveways gate

What Is the Difference Between Driveway Gate and Automatic Gate?

Driveway gates –

Driveway gates are manually operated doors that sit on top of your home or garage, usually at ground level. Driveway gates are only used for off-street access to your home. They can be used with either knobs or levers, but they usually come with a lock mechanism so they cannot be opened by people without the correct keys. These gates can also slide open independently of their hinges, allowing you to open them from anywhere on the property even if you don’t have access codes to your house. Driveway gates are most commonly found in homes built around 1900 and earlier because that’s when most people had driveways built into their homes. Modern homes usually have a driveway gate installed at a local hardware store. Driveway gates usually cost around $500 to install and work on a single-wheeling system. 

Automatic gate

Automatic gate systems are electronically operated, fully automatic doors that control the opening and closing of garage doors as well as the opening and closing of extra access doors from your home. There are many types of automated gate options available depending on what you need from your system. Automatic gates can be used with either push buttons or remote controllers, but they all operate the same way: They allow you to open and close garage/alley/driveway gates from anywhere via a power source or radio-frequency signal. Automatic gate systems can be used with both rolling and swing garage doors. They also offer the flexibility to add side access panels, which make them ideal for garages/alleys/driveways with multiple entry points.

How Do Automatic Driveway Gate Systems Work?

Automatic gate systems work in a few different ways depending on the type of system you have installed. All automatic gate systems work by sending a remote signal or a radio frequency to a receiver that is located outside your house. Most driveway gates require the opener button to be pressed twice in order for it to close properly, so if you lose power, there is no way someone can take advantage of this and open your gate from the outside. For more guidance, you can consult an automated gate contractor from Bellevue Fencing and get the best help. 


All the above information will help you decide on which safety features are right for your property. It doesn’t matter what type of automation you choose, just ensure that it has safety features that will keep both people and your property protected.



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