Book A Rental Car In Dubai: 6 Tips To Avoid Annoyance

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In the vast majority of cases, booking a rental car in Dubai is a stress-free and inexpensive option for a flexible holiday. Nevertheless, when booking a rental car, you should pay attention to a few tips to avoid annoyance. What should I do if someone on site offers me additional insurance? And which tank filling is the cheapest? You can find the answers here.

1. Tank Filling: Should Choose The Good Tank Regulation

Even when booking a rental car in Dubai, you can  protect yourself against extra charges with the right  fuel policy. The variant good tank regulation is usually the cheapest. The principle is very simple: You take over the rental car with a full tank and return it with the same fill level .

Attention: The last trip before returning the Car rental Dubai should always be to the petrol station. Under no circumstances should you forget to fill up the vehicle as full as you assumed it was before you return it , otherwise the rental company can charge you not only for the lack of fuel, but also a service fee . You should therefore pay close attention to which tank regulation you have chosen and that this is also documented in the contract on site. You can also have a receipt issued at the petrol station for documentation purposes .

2. Insurance: Book Online In Advance

Hidden fees lurk mainly in unnecessary additional insurance , which some landlords on site may offer you. The safest way in Dubai to drive here is to book the insurance directly online with the rental car and take into account our tips for excellent and good deals. These offer comprehensive insurance protection and usually cover everything you need: from theft insurance to glass and tire protection to fully comprehensive insurance without excess and a liability sum  of at least 1 million AEDs.

3. Extras: It Is Beneficial To Take A Look At The Car Rental Conditions

For extra equipment such as child seats or luggage racks, an additional fee is usually due. Here it is worth taking a look at the rental conditions, because the prices vary significantly from provider to provider .

In some popular travel destinations, you can have your rental car delivered to your hotel free of charge . However, this can also be considered an extra service and cost extra. Some providers also understand hotel delivery to be transported by shuttle bus to the rental station. In order to avoid surprises, it is worth asking our customer service department exactly what is meant by which offer.

4. Car Condition: Always Document In Advance

As a rule, you can assume that you will receive a perfect vehicle when you book a rental car. Nevertheless, we have tips for two exceptional situations and how to avoid them in stock:

Your landlord wants to sell you an old or dirty vehicle: To avoid this, you can look at the recommendations of other customers when booking . For example, they provide information about waiting times, the condition of the car and service, and offer good orientation aid . Basically, you should make sure that the car is in good condition. Above all, when you collect your vehicle, check that the tires and headlights are undamaged.

Your landlord wants to hold you responsible for damage to the car that you did not cause: No chance if you examine the car for damage when you pick it up and have this recorded in the rental agreement. To be on the safe side, you can also take a photo or video of existing paintwork damage or dents.

5. Additional Driver Fee: It Is Not Always Included In The Offer

Whether an additional driver costs extra depends on the conditions of the company. you can only view offers that include an additional driver in the price by clicking on the corresponding filters provided. 

Cost or not, additional drivers must always be specified to ensure full insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, the insurance cover will otherwise expire and you will have to bear the costs. In addition, the additional driver must be included in the rental agreement when the vehicle is picked up . He must be present in person and be able to present both his driver’s license and the original ID card.

6. Queues At The Counter: Check Customer Ratings

Queues at the rental car counter are almost inevitable, especially at the airports of popular holiday destinations. However, there are big differences from company to company. Some set up second offices next to central rental stations, others offer so-called priority check-ins , which are subject to a fee , in order to get to the rental car faster.

Here, too, when booking a rental car, it is worth taking a look at the tips and customer reviews of the provider or company.


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