Best Things About Windows PC

windows pc

Best Things About Windows PC

True Blue isn’t only a phrase but it depicts what actually meant for. Impeccability can lasts for extended once you simply take excellent care of the PC. the maintenance of the system is simply too crucial to urge the accurate outcomes of every possible task. Mac needs extra technical efforts to travel with the flow. But, windows don’t require numerous techy efforts thus, most of the individuals believe the Windows PC. With the PC, you’ll get the amazing features also , kind off Mac offers. Not completely, but windows PC has its own standards and benchmarks that serve you its best.
There are many hidden things about the Windows PC that rarely known by the users. But, through this post, you’ll familiar with all the only things about the Windows PC. So, stay connected to this post as here we are becoming to say the 8 best things about the Windows PC.always respond in an unexpected way, sometimes new updates bring power to the system, and sometimes it causes problems. But, Windows always serve its best to users. We’re going to share some tips and tricks about Windows which can change Microsoft’s OS flagship.

Second Start Menu

You usually start the start menu by hitting the Windows icon at the lowest left side of the screen. Isn’t it? Yes, but do i know that Windows 10 also has another start menu that’s not known by anyone. This lesser-known another Start menu allows you to possess easier and quicker access to manage Panel and Task Manager. you’ll use it in two distinct ways – either by hitting Windows + X key or right-click on the Windows icon.
Access Calendar without opening App
The latest Windows 10 update allows you to access the calendar without even opening it. you’ll create an event to your Microsoft Calendar app quickly without opening it just from your Taskbar. Here’s how you’ll do so-
● Click on the box on your Taskbar within the proper corner which displays date and time.
● Then, click on the date once you would like to feature an event or schedule.
● Now, then , enter the event name, time, and site , or everything about the event you’d wish to say .
● Afterward, click on the save option. Now, the event would be surface in your Calendar app over your devices.

Well, we all know it’s a standard one, but it are often easier to need a screenshot on your desktop or laptop. There are quite 8 ways to capture a screenshot with Windows 10 price. But, if you’d wish to require a screenshot and save a picture of your whole screen, then the sole way for doing so is – just to hit the Windows + Print Screen Key, and thus the screenshot are getting to be saved automatically to the images then Screenshots folder. And, just just just in case , if you’d wish to require a screenshot of only one a neighborhood of the screen then you’ve need to press the Windows + Shift + S key to open-up a tool named Ship& Sketch. This tool allows you to click and drag an area to need a screenshot that you simply simply want, and may save to your clipboard.

Turn-Off Background Apps

Applications that runs within the background can share or receive information, notifications, and stay up-to-date even once you aren’t accessing them. this may be very useful or handy, but sometimes this may be cause plenty of problems also like engulf your battery, data, and much of more, mostly once you’re connecting through a Mobile Hotspot.
To control this sort of issue you’d wish to hunt down out which apps are consuming high battery and data. So, for doing so, you’d wish to leap to Settings then Privacy, and eventually Background apps. to point out off all the background apps that are running within the background, click on the Let Apps Run within the Background to off. Or, you’ll also select the apps which you’d wish to prevent by toggling to the list individually.



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