10 Best Personal Security And Safety Items

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It’s always good to have a few security and safety devices, so that you don’t panic when alone. Nowadays, you are never “too safe” anywhere. When you are traveling with a lot of cash or alone at home, these safety devices will always help. Moreover, these devices come at very affordable prices. You can check out the Zoro Black Friday 2020 sale for the best security and safety products.

Further, we have made a list of some of the easy to carry security and safety devices for you. You must carry these devices along for your security.

These security and safety devices can easily fit in your purse or backpack. 

Emergency Flashlight 

It’s not just a flashlight, but safety device with which you can break a window, charge your phone, or can even cut a seat belt. Hence, in case of an emergency, you can easily get out of your car with this device. By having this safety device, you will panic less and will know what has to be done next. Its small size and lightweight further allows user to carry it in a backpack or somewhere accessible in the vehicle. 

Personal Safe

This personal safe is travel friendly, and you can easily keep all your expensive items in it. The safe comes with a tether. Hence, you can easily attach it to a piece of furniture. In addition, the places wherein you can use this safe includes hotel room, a dorm room, car, office desk, and even in a hospital room. 

Personal Security Alarm

Most of the thieves avoid loud situations and they attract attention and their chances of getting caught are higher. While designing this security alarm, the makers ensured that it is one of the loudest ones. However, unlike its ear-piercing sound, its size is pretty small and thus easily fits on a keychain. It is thus a perfect security device for elderly, and adolescents. Furthermore, the alarm instantly get activated when you pull the contact pin out. The alarm will be silenced only when you will reinsert the pin. Some of these personal alarms also comes with a build-in LED Flashlight.

Tiny Stun Gun

In case you are traveling at an odd hour or lives in a place which is unsafe, a stun gun is a reasonable alternative. It makes the attacker helpless by delivering a strong electric shock. However, it does not cause a permanent harm. A stun gun further has a wider range than other self-defense devices. The best part is that you need not to have a license to keep this gun. Its miniature size and lightweight are other feathers in the cap.

Tactical Pen

You can use this pen everyday to jot down important notes, and one day in case of an emergency it can save your life as well. A tactical pen is also preferred by military and police. It is also an ideal security safety device for security guards, or for the people who need a handy safety device. This pen is made by the usage of military grade aluminum. Thus, is capable of breaking a car window or hurt the attacker easily. 

Portable Door Lock

This small lock can be used on any door, and can be carried easily in a purse or pocket. It helps in the prevention of the entry of trespassers. In addition, this security safety lock is made by excellent quality materials, which assures that the door is shut firmly. It can further be used at places such as hotel rooms, Airbnbs, or  your bedroom door.

24/ 7 Personal Safety Monitoring

It is like just another personal alert device, which comes with a monitory service. This can be activated easily, and will immediately send a notification to your friends and family in case of an emergency. It is ideal safety device for elderly who can be in the need of medical assistance. Moreover, its battery lasts long and hence you need go through the hassle of charging the device after every few hours. 

Smart Jewelry

Smart Jewelry pieces are a great example of fashion-forward designs and innovations in tech. These are designed in a way that you can easily connect them with your smartphone via bluetooth. In case of an emergency, you can activate it and then your GPS location will be sent to your five emergency contacts. You can enter the contact number of the five people you would want to contact in case of an emergency. The best part is that its battery lasts for almost 1-2 years. So, now you can look your best self by keeping your safety in check as well. 

Purse Hook

A handbag hook can be used for temporarily securing a purse to an armrest, table, or sink. It discourages theft and can be used for convenient access. A purse hook is quite sturdy and flexible. You can thus easily hook your bag easily on any surface with it. Also, all the ladies who love their bags and don’t want them to get dirty, should definitely get this hook.

Scarf With A Hidden Pocket

Theft in public transportation is common, hence this hidden pocket is where you can keep your ID, Passport, or cash. The scarf further comes in a wide range of colors and designs. In addition, the fabric used is suitable for almost all the weathers. So now, go hands free by wearing it and keeping the essential items safe in the hidden pockets of this scarf.


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